What does 'healthy' look like on the inside?

The Problem

‘We are all running on the Homo Sapien 1.0 operating system and we are not expecting any updates’.

Joanna Giles – Founder, Metabolic Symphony Program and YiYO games

If a child asked you “What does healthy mean?”, what would you say?  Would you be confident to explain what it takes to be a healthy human in this chaotic world?  Would you have the time to make sure they understood and followed through?

There are many different kinds of ‘normal’, but what baseline are we using?  Little by little we are losing sight of what ‘optimum’ looks like, and abandoning the simple, foundation lifestyle principles that have nourished and protected our species for over 150,000 years.

The potency of inherited risk factors for lifestyle disease is increasing with each generation. 20 years ago, the idea of a child developing type 2 diabetes was unthinkable. Now, one child in every four is overweight or obese, and children are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes as young as 3 years old.

Prevention is infinitely better than treatment or cure, and education is the key to long-term, sustainable health.

Our goal is to inspire people – particularly children – to better understand their mind and body, and feel empowered to independently navigate our challenging food and lifestyle landscape for lifelong health.

The Objective

‘In examining disease, we gain wisdom about anatomy, physiology and biology.  In examining the person with disease, we gain wisdom about life.’

Oliver Sacks – Neurologist

A team of passionate and creative health and education specialists have immersed themselves in both the biological and psycho-social aspects of metabolism and lifestyle, and distilled it all down into a clinically robust, engaging and thought-provoking story that everyone can understand.

The goal is to promote conscious living and create a deeper understanding of how sustained metabolic disharmony can silently progress to a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, and a variety of other lifestyle related health problems.

The program supports parents, grandparents, teachers and health professionals to increase their own understanding of metabolism, and provides them with interactive tools and strategies to empower children / patients / employees / citizens to reach their potential and avoid lifestyle disease.

Metabolic Symphony ONSITE

An ‘all singing, all dancing’ interactive face-to-face health education program delivered in schools, health centres and workplaces.

Can be delivered by trained Coaches or by accredited health and education professionals including Teachers, Dietitians, Nutritionists, Diabetes Educators, Fitness Coaches and Community / Maternal & Child Health Nurses.

Primary and high school program delivered to up to 3 grade levels over 8 weeks (1 hour per week). It is a cross-curricular program that covers many key ACARA streams including science, numeracy, literacy, physical education, music and drama.

Adult program delivered over three x half day sessions (1 session per week). Participants receive take home activities to transfer new knowledge to their families.

Program initially delivered by a local Metabolic Symphony Coach who provides professional development for up to two teachers (schools) or in house/contracted health educators (community/workplace). The local Metabolic Symphony Coach continues to support the school or organisation to ensure the education is perpetuated to a high standard.

On completion of training, Facilitators receive an accreditation certificate and a resource kit (annual license fee).

The Metabolic Symphony Program kit includes online access to lesson plans, presentations and hands-on activities, as well as tangible resources such as musical instruments, 3D molecule models and sets of the YiYO lifestyle games.

The Program

‘If you cannot explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough.’

Albert Einstein – Physicist

The Metabolic Symphony Program is a quirky fusion of physiology, brain and biochemistry, numeracy, literacy, health and physical education, music, drama and universal lifestyle management principles.

We provide face-to-face and online resources that increase knowledge and appreciation of the metabolism, and inspire people to consciously manage their individual energy needs for lifelong good health.

The program covers topics such as healthy metabolic function, energy requirement, nutrition and food labelling, exercise, hydration, mindfulness, sleep and stress management, and the environmental impact of poor lifestyle.

The program can be delivered at multiple age levels from pre-primary to adult. The curriculum has been verified by accredited health professionals and is aligned with the Australian national curriculum (ACARA), the Australian Dietary Guidelines (NHMRC) and World Health Organisation (WHO) policy.

Preview the Metabolic Symphony Program curriculum via the Body Basics lifestyle education series on the IGA Supermarket Family Program website.

Metabolic Symphony ONLINE

The Metabolic Symphony ONLINE program is a positive, holistic intervention for children and families to empower them to prevent or manage lifestyle disease.

It is a supervised health education program available for use by Health Practitioners (e.g. GPs, Dietitians, Diabetes Educators, Pharmacists, Fitness Coaches) and Educators (e.g. School Teachers, Corporate Wellness Coaches, Community Health Workers) to support lifestyle education and disease management.

Patients/students/employees are given free access to the Symphony where they will find the education they need to understand their body and what it takes to maintain lifelong metabolic health.

Participation in the program is incentivised with virtual rewards, merchandise and collectables, discount vouchers for healthy food and physical pursuits, and the chance to win tickets to major events such as an actual Symphony Orchestra in their area!

Practitioners and Educators pay an annual subscription (per practice, school, workplace, community centre) which allows them to invite unlimited participants to the Symphony.

Participant progress can be tracked and reported to the supervising Practitioner or Educator to monitor patient compliance, to facilitate student/employee assessment or to measure community engagement.


  • Provides a proactive, wellness pathway for the children and relatives of patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and other lifestyle-related health conditions.
  • Empowers patients, diagnosed with lifestyle disease, to confidently share new insights and knowledge with their family.
  • Reduces patient anxiety after diagnosis and prevents overwhelm during disease management education.
  • The YiYO lifestyle games can be used during consultations to support lifestyle education, and can be ‘prescribed’ to patients for purchase at the pharmacy.



  • Teachers, Corporate Wellness Coaches and Community Educators can use the Metabolic Symphony ONLINE program to support lifestyle education in the classroom, for employee inductions or as a community health initiative.
  • The YiYO lifestyle games can be made available from the school, workplace or community centre as part of a healthy fundraising activity.

Our Partners

The Metabolic Symphony team are most grateful for continued support and clinical guidance from the Endocrinology and Diabetes Service at the Perth Children’s Hospital in Western Australia.

Our sincerest thanks to:

  • Clinical Professor Tim Jones – Paediatric Endocrinologist and Head of Department
  • Associate Professor Elizabeth A. Davis – Paediatric Endocrinologist
  • Mark Shah – Diabetes Nurse Practitioner


We are also pleased to have had the assistance of the Unity of First People of Australia (UFPA) to ascertain the unique educational needs of Aboriginal children in the Kimberley and Pilbara areas of Western Australia. Our goal is to honour the memory of respected and much loved Aboriginal Elder, the Hon. Ernie Bridge, OAM AM, by working to provide self-sustaining and culturally appropriate resources for Aboriginal children and to support the community to improve their health and prosperity.

We gratefully acknowledge the generous financial support we have received from the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.

We are also thrilled to assist the IGA Supermarket Family Program in their goal to support Australian families to live a happy and healthy life. Check out the Body Basics series, which is a preview of the Metabolic Symphony curriculum.

Our Team

Heartfelt thanks to our growing team of Metabolic Symphony contributors:

  • Joanna Giles – Founder/Author/Managing Director (Perth/Melbourne)
  • Robert Edkins – Director/Business Consultant (Perth)
  • Garth Kearvell – Business Development (Perth)
  • Manny Spiteri – Strategy & Planning (Melbourne)
  • Steve Williams – Brand & Graphic Design at Little Devil Design (UK)
  • Aranka Nolan – Digital Marketing & Web Development at Einstein Marketing Group (Sydney)
  • Holly Walton – Social Media and Promotion at Marketing West (Perth)
  • Cathy Stubbs – Education Consultant/Facilitator – Primary & Secondary (Perth)
  • Stephanie Crowe – Education Consultant – Primary & Indigenous Liaison (Kimberley)
  • Rebecca Sahr – Education Consultant – Secondary (Melbourne)
  • Laura Zinghini – Education Consultant – Secondary (Melbourne)
  • Alexander Robins – Curriculum Development & Indigenous Liaison (Perth)
  • Alexandra Seewann-Gaitatzis – Research Consultant & Medical Doctor
  • Jessica Zilujko – Accredited Practising Dietitian & Nutritionist at Eat Drink Digest (Perth)
  • Karen Garus – Fitness Consultant at Inside Outside for Wellbeing (Perth)
  • Carol Beckerman – Business Development (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Andrea Gilbey – Dietitian and Credentialed Diabetes Educator (Perth)
  • Alison Climey – Dietitian at Start Right Nutrition (Perth)
  • Rebecca Gebert – Credentialled Diabetes Nurse Educator at The Royal Childrens Hospital (Melbourne)
  • Albert Griggs – Research Assistant
  • Samantha Stevens – Student Liaison (Melbourne)
  • Dillon Naylor – Illustrator (Melbourne)
  • Chloe Griffiths – Graphic Design at Clo’s Line (Perth)
  • Jackson Griggs – Musician and Composer
  • Jenny Taylor – Music Composer at Jonpelian Music (Melbourne)


Metabolic Symphony Program
Resource Kit for schools
The ultimate lifestyle challenge!
Suitable for: 15 years - Adults
A simple matching game.
Suitable for: 5 - 15 years

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